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About Search Quality Alliance

The Search Quality Alliance is a group of former Google employees from the Search Quality team. This team is responsible for the non-paid search in order to provide the best search results for Google’s users. Each member brings individuals strengths to the team on a functional level and from their own international knowledge. All our clients will benefit from the Alliance’s full SEO expertise.

Search Quality Alliance DOES NOT work as a company, if you want to contact us, you should do it by getting in touch with one of the members.

Who Are We?

Search Quality Alliance is composed by a team of former Googlers that worked together in the Search Quality Team. Together we have the localized market expertise with International scope.

Alfonso Verdugo

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Ariel Lambrecht

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Jonas Weber

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Michael Schwarz

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Pedro Dias

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Sébastien Monnier

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Search Quality Alliance is not Google. Nor do we, as a group, speak for Google, work for Google, or claim to be representatives of Google in any kind of official capacity whatsoever.

Any and all information contained within this site is based solely upon our professional experience within the field of marketing online. It is based upon empirical study spanning years, on our professional interaction with various aspects of Google’s public search, advertising, and local business listing systems, and on having dealt with hundreds of satisfied clients.

No part of the information within this site, or indeed the information imparted and/or affirmations made by Search Quality Alliance members is based upon a claim of knowing Google’s secrets, or on exercising any kind of control over Google’s servers and/or ranking algorithms.

We therefore make no claim as to be able to give or undertake any kind of guarantee for our services, since Search Quality Alliance, as a group, exercises no control over Google’s systems, and or the time frame taken by Google to react to any and all promotional measures undertaken by us.